Description Edit

Six colored balls would be dropped through a maze of poles. Whoever caught a ball got to put any two people on that color team, as long as they did not put themselves on a team. It was announced as a twist that the last two people standing, thus who would be on a team together, would get two pieces.

Participation Edit

Jonna made a list of people who would be partners together, but some people, such as Max, decided to try and mess up the list in order to shake up the game.

The first ball, the yellow ball, is dropped. After some pushing and shoving, Jonna gets it. She decides to stick to the list and puts Jon and Sabrina on the yellow team.

The next ball to fall is the blue ball. It bounces out of reach but Ashley lunges for it and grabs it. She chooses Aaron for the boy, and then chooses Aaron's  "List Partner" Jonna .

The next ball is the red ball. It bounces into Layla's arms and she defends it against 3 boys. Then she chooses Christian to be on the red team. Christian's partner is supposed to be Ashley, and Ashley's best friend Sabrina is committed to getting the two on a team. When Layla hesitates, Sabrina whispers behind her, "Ashley. Do it." Layla then chooses Ashley to be with Christian.

The green ball is then dropped, and Max grabs it. Max decides to shake up the teams, and puts Trevor on a team. Trevor's partner is supposed to be Chelsea, but Max puts him with Lana instead.

The purple ball is dropped, and Jenna, Chelsea, and Layla immediately dive for it. However, Jenna is able to beat the other two to grab the purple ball. She chooses Brandon to be on the purple team, but is unsure about who should be his partner because Lana is already on a team. After some calls of "Just do what you want, the list is already messed up!", Jenna decides to put Layla with Brandon to form the purple team.

When the orange ball is dropped, Max immediately catches it again. He decides to put Chelsea on the orange team and take Jenna as his partner, despite Max and Chelsea's close friendship. Skyler is the only boy left, so he goes on the orange team with Chelsea, leaving Max and Jenna to be on the gray team, and earn two pieces to everyone else's one.

Results Edit

The seven teams are formed, gray takes the early lead, and green has partner issues because they weren't originally supposed to be on the same team according to Jonna's list.