Lacey Virginia Elick (age 21) was born on an unknown date in the year 1987. She lived in Bellville, Texas previously before going on the show. Her parents' names are John and Taunia Elick. Lacey was only on Endurance for one day before she lost in the Right to Stay Challenge and went home.

Lacey on Endurance

Endurance Edit

Lacey was casted for the TV show Endurance in 2002, and she went to Catalina Island with 19 other strangers. When she got there, she seemed to have formed a friendship with fellow contestants Cree Howard and Jenna Jimenez. After watching the boys battle in the right to stay mission, Timeline, it was the girls' turn. After hanging on for several minutes, Lacey was the first to let go and thus was the first girl ever eliminated on Endurance. In her exit interview, she said that she wasn't sad and everything happens for a reason, though she wished she could have stayed longer. Her new friend Cree Howard was also elmininated in the Right to Stay Challenge.

After Endurance Edit

Little is known about Lacey after Endurance. In 2006, she became the Grand Duchess of the Neches River Festival in Texas.


A recent picture of Lacey

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